Rob Rock FatPlate
Rob Rock FatPlate
Rob Rock FatPlate
Rob Rock FatPlate
Rob Rock FatPlate
Rob Rock FatPlate
Rob Rock FatPlate
Rob Rock FatPlate
Rob Rock FatPlate
* Ball & club for illustrative purposes only & not included

Rob Rock FatPlate

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  • Improves your strike so that you hit more greens!
  • Exclusive Price for Rob Rock Junior Tour Players.
  • FREE UK shipping
  • Perfect for all skill levels.
  • Used by tour pros & PGA coaches.
  • Comes with 24 page training guide & practice/playing record
  • Comes with 25 free StrikeStrips, giving extra visual strike-point & path feedback

What does FatPlate do?

FatPlate helps you to bring your strike-point closer to the ball, giving you the crucial ‘ball then turf’ strike that you see on t.v. every week.

Perfect for practicing on a range mat & on natural grass, where FatPlate Lite also gives instant path, length & depth feedback of your divots.

Additional Features & Benefits?

  • Use on natural grass or synthetic turf. 
  • Ball can be positioned either by club selection or level of difficulty. 
  • The numbered markings can also be used to work on altering the trajectory (height) of the golfer’s ball flight by changing their dynamic loft at impact.
  • The ball positioning guides have been precisely measured to encourage the appropriate angle of attack for the club being used.
  • Toughened polycarbonate gives auditory feedback when struck.
  • Comes with 25 free StrikeStrips™, offering additional visual strike point & path feedback.
  • Designed to fit into a standard size golf bag.
  • Available in 4 colours.
  • Carry your golf coach around in your pocket!

FatPlate is supplied with a scorecard sized 24 page Assisted Learning training guide & practice/playing record in order to guide & quantify your progress on the practice area & also out on the course.

1. Can I used my Driver with FatPlate Lite?

No! FatPlate Lite has been designed for use with irons only as it encourages a downward, descending strike as opposed to an ascending strike that’s required when hitting your Driver.

2. Will FatPlate Lite help me to take a divot?

Yes! Whether it’s a shallow brush of the grass or an actual divot, using FatPlate Lite together with our Assisted Learning training guide & practice record and accompanying video series will bring your strike-point closer to the ball, giving you a pure, ‘ball then turf’ strike.

3. Do the StrikeStrips have to be replaced?

Yes. StrikeStrips, however, are easy-peel so can be easily removed from the FatPlate when they become fully marked. Additional StrikeStrips™ are available from our website – – in rolls of 250 or packs or 100 but as your ‘ball then turf’ skill level increases, you should mark the StrikeStrips less frequently

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