PuttMat Pace & Line Trainer Assisted Learning

In this short Assisted Learning video series, FatPlate Director of Instruction, Ben Frost, helps to ensure that you use your new FatPlate training aid in the most effective way possible and also provides you with enough knowledge & practical practice drills to help you hole more putts


PuttMat Pace & Line Trainer’s ‘Effective Width’ training track provides a visual pathway to the full width of the cup – you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to keep the ball within the track!

The effective width track offers putts from 1 up to 6 feet and for those of you who prefer to have your eyes over the ball, the Effective Width track’s ball locators help to ensure consistent head/eye positioning at set-up every time.


Another feature of the PuttMat is the capture speed zone. This area provides pace & line feedback as keeping the ball within the zone means that your putt would not have lipped-out!

If your floor is perfectly flat then the ball struck a 2 feet past-the-hole pace will remain in the capture speed zone, meaning that you made the putt.


As with our ArcMats, PuttMat also has a transitional side.

Now that you’ve increased your skill level having used the technical side, now we can practice using the transitional side to create a bridge between training & the natural appearance of a putting green.

Whilst this side offers a more natural appearance, we’ve left a series of discreet ball placement target dots that can also be used as start-line training.


PuttMat is also supplied with our unique PuttCup meaning that if you don’t putt with ideal pace, the ball will either lip-out or jump the back of the cup! Not only does PuttCup the appearance of an actual hole, it provides truly realistic line & pace feedback.


PACE: (Technical Side)

1- The goal to begin with is to get a putt to finish between 1 and 2 feet past the hole from spot 1. Once you succeed, simply move back one spot and try again. Keep going until the last spot and record how many attempts it took complete the task. The ultimate goal is to take just one attempt at each spot for a score of 6.

2- The second practice challenge for you is the exact same format as the first but this time you are to putt two balls from each spot. The first must finish between one and two feet past the thole and the second must finish within one foot of the hole. The perfect score for this challenge is 12 putts.

LINE and PACE: (Transitional Side)

1- Using the PuttCup, start from the first spot with a single ball, go through your full routine and try to hole the putt. When you do, move back through the spots until you hole the longest. As with the pace training, keep track of how many attempts it takes to complete all 8 spots and record it so you have a target to beat each time you practice and strive for a perfect 8.

2- Using the same format as before, you are trying to complete this challenge is just 8 putts but to further test your pace control you must hole out from the spots in the following order: 1, 5, 2, 6, 3, 7, 4, 8.


Whilst PuttMat provides training straight out of the box, it’s also the perfect companion to our other putting products, PuttMat & ArcMat (sold separately).


Keep checking back as we’ll continue to add modules to our online golf lesson video series so that you learn the skills to become the master of the greens.


Although Ben is kept busy with FatPlate product development, he still enjoys working with golfers who have a desire to improve so continues to coach individuals and groups at our National HQ at Stonebridge Golf Club, located just 2 mins from Birmingham Airport & the National Exhibition Centre.

And if you can’t make it in person, online lessons are also available whereby Ben can provide you with a full analysis of your swing.

For booking details contact: ben@fatplate.golf