FAQS FatPlate Sand

  1. I struggle with plugged bunker shots, will FatPlate Sand help?

Yes. FatPlate Sand gives you enough knowledge and practical practice drills to help you master shots from plugged lies.


In addition, our Assisted Learning training guide & practice record provided and the accompanying video series on our YouTube channel (FatPlate Golf) ensure that you use your new FatPlate Sand training aid in the most effective way possible, meaning that you learn to master ALL bunker shots.



  1. As I’d probably hit the FatPlate Sand with my first 100 attempts, will it matter if I repeatedly hit the FatPlate?
    No. Should you hit the body of the FatPlate Sand your club will simply bounce through to impact without causing damage to the club nor FatPlate. However, with FatPlate Sand’s starting position offering a 4 inch margin for error and Assisted Learning training booklet and accompanying video series, we’re confident that you’ll be consistently hitting the sand within the strike-zone in no time at all.



  1. I like to play shallow flop shots that splash lots of sand out, can I practice this shot with FP Sand?

Yes! FatPlate Sand gives a shot tolerance that allows from 1 up to 4 inches of sand (behind the ball) to be taken.