PuttPlate Putting System
PuttPlate Putting System
PuttPlate Putting System
PuttPlate Putting System
PuttPlate Putting System
PuttPlate Putting System
PuttPlate Putting System
PuttPlate Putting System
PuttPlate Putting System
* Ball & club for illustrative purposes only & not included

PuttPlate Putting System

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  • Improves your stroke so that you hole more putts!
  • FREE MirrorBar worth £18.50 included (while stocks last!)
  • Perfect for all skill levels.
  • Used in three Majors in 2019.
  • Work on impact, start line, back swing & thru-swing.
  • Supplied with removable Mirror Insert.
  • Can be used on a real green, putting mat or even at home on your carpet!
  • Comes with 24 page training guide & practice/playing record

What does the PuttPlate Putting System do?

PuttPlate allows you to work on the most important elements of the stroke in the most natural way possible to ensure that you start the ball on line. 

Through it’s ball slot, straight edge & markings, PuttPlate’s central strikebridge ensures correct positioning of the ball and club face alignment/positioning at setup.

 Perfect vertically centred contact on the face is also given by avoiding the strikebridge as the putter moves through impact.

Add feedback to your practice by placing MirrorBar in specific positions, and, at the appropriate angle.

MirrorBar helps with many aspects of body & club alignment during setup and also helps to monitor and reduce any excessive or unwanted body movement during the putting stroke.

 Additional Features & Benefits?

  • Ball & club both sit on the putting surface, providing a truly realistic feel to your practice.
  • Supplied with removable Mirror Insert, allowing you to monitor head movement during set-up.
  • Supplied with standard tee pegs for outdoor practice and also our own specially manufactured flat-bottomed stub-tees that allow you to practice at home on any surface!
  • The tees can be positioned to allow for any type of stroke and the variety of drills means that you can work on just one specific aspect of your technique or really test yourself with all of it at the same time!
  • Designed to fit into a standard size golf bag. 
  • Monitor postural angles & body movements throughout during practice.

1. What are the miss tolerances of the start line tees?

PuttPlate’s start line gate positions offer a 3.7mm, 2.7mm or 1.7mm clearance (either side of the ball), giving an approximate start line accuracy of 1.0, 0.75 or 0.5 degrees.

2. Will I be able to use my own tee pegs if I lose the ones supplied?

Yes! PuttPlate has been designed to be used with standard tee pegs when used outdoors on a putting green. And if you misplace the Stub-Tees that we also supply then you can purchase replacements from this website.

3. Why should I buy a PuttPlate rather than other (manufacturers’) putting aids that are available?

Though there are other training aids that could potentially help improve your game, we believe that in allowing you to work on club face alignment/positioning at setup, impact, start line, back swing & thru-swing whilst having both the ball and club sitting on the actual putting surface makes PuttPlate the most complete putting training aid ever designed.

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