PuttMat - TourRoll
PuttMat - TourRoll
PuttMat - TourRoll
PuttMat - TourRoll
PuttMat - TourRoll
PuttMat - TourRoll
PuttMat - TourRoll
* Ball & club for illustrative purposes only & not included

PuttMat - TourRoll

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PuttMat improves your stroke so that you hole more putts!

  • FREE UK Delivery
  • Large synthetic turf putting mat.
  • Putt into an actual (shallow) hole.
  • PuttMat TourRoll is the most realistic practice putting surface available.
  • Multi-directional synthetic turf loops ensure that the ball never unnaturally deviates off-line.
  • Offers putts up to 10 feet.
  • Can be used for putting and chipping.
  • Supplied with 2x PuttCups - our realistic (shallow) putting cup that provides true pace & line feedback – if you don’t hit perfect pace, the ball will either lip-out or jump the back of the cup.
  • 11' x 3' - 350 x 100cm (approx.)
  • Provides a stimp pace of 11 (medium to fast pace).
  • PuttMat is compatible with any surface mounted putting cup but is supplied with our pioneering PuttCup
  • Perfect for all skill levels.

Programme Your Stroke & Set-up For Absolute Precision

PuttMat TourRoll is a large 11 feet by 3 feet putting mat and offers most realistic practice putting surface available outside of a natural grass putting green.

Putt Less

PuttMat gives you less to think about by making setup and stroke instinctive. On average 9ft putts finish 25% closer to the hole after a 1 hour session.

Additional Features

  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Perfect for practicing short greenside chip & run shots.
  • Replicates a real-life golf green in your own home.
  • Stay-flat latex rubber backing.
  • Can be used in conjunction with PuttPlate, ArcMat, MirrorPlate & MirrorBoard (sold separately).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does ‘multi-directional turf loops’ mean?

Multi-directional turf loops mean that when you roll a putt, the ball will always stay true to it’s line (and will not be deviated or deflected by the direction of the synthetic turf’s pile).

2. What pace is the PuttCup?

PuttCup has been designed with a one and a half feet past-the-hole pace in mind, meaning that should your putt not lip-out or jump the back of the cup, you’ve hit it at our preferred pace (we’re happy with you having an 18” putt back should you miss the first putt).

The sloped Capture Speed wall that surrounds PuttCup provides a scientifically correct pace – meaning that your putt will lip-out in exactly the same way as it would on the course.

PuttCup not only offers true pace and line feedback but we believe it’s also the most visually accurate putting cup on the market and offers everything that a putting hole does, but without the hole!

What's In the Box

  • PuttMat
  • PuttCup x2
  • 24 Page Training Guide / Practice Playing Record
  • PuttMat customers also have FREE access to our Assisted Learning video series of drills on YouTube.

1. What are the miss tolerances of the start line tees?

PuttPlate’s start line gate positions offer a 3.7mm, 2.7mm or 1.7mm clearance (either side of the ball), giving an approximate start line accuracy of 1.0, 0.75 or 0.5 degrees.

2. Will I be able to use my own tee pegs if I lose the ones supplied?

Yes! PuttPlate has been designed to be used with standard tee pegs when used outdoors on a putting green. And if you misplace the Stub-Tees that we also supply then you can purchase replacements from this website.

3. Why should I buy a PuttPlate rather than other (manufacturers’) putting aids that are available?

Though there are other training aids that could potentially help improve your game, we believe that in allowing you to work on club face alignment/positioning at setup, impact, start line, back swing & thru-swing whilst having both the ball and club sitting on the actual putting surface makes PuttPlate the most complete putting training aid ever designed.

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