MirrorPlate - Swing & Putting Mirror (Small)
MirrorPlate - Swing & Putting Mirror (Small)
MirrorPlate - Swing & Putting Mirror (Small)
MirrorPlate - Swing & Putting Mirror (Small)
MirrorPlate - Swing & Putting Mirror (Small)
MirrorPlate - Swing & Putting Mirror (Small)
MirrorPlate - Swing & Putting Mirror (Small)
* Ball & club for illustrative purposes only & not included

MirrorPlate - Swing & Putting Mirror (Small)

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MirrorPlate - Swing & Putting Feedback Mirror

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  • Small players’ sized professional feedback mirror.
  • Allows you to work on all aspects of your swing/stroke.
  • Helps you develop a more precise & consistent set-up.
  • Comes with flat bottom Stub-Tees for indoor practice.
  • Comes with protective Soft-Sleeve.
  • Used by European Tour players
  • Can be used at the range, practice area or even at home.
  • Access to our Assisted Learning video series of practice drills.

Monitor Your Set-up For Absolute Precision

Add feedback to your practice by placing MirrorPlate in specific positions, and, at the appropriate angle.

MirrorPlate helps with many aspects of body & club alignment during set-up and also helps to monitor and reduce any excessive or unwanted body movement during the putting stroke or swing.

Fine Tune Your Set-up For Consistent Results

MirrorPlate helps to highlight the most important elements throughout your swing & stroke to ensure that you hit more greens & hole more putts.

Additional Features & Benefits?

  • During practice swings and full shots, use to monitor body tilts, wrist action, swing length, shaft planes, lateral sway.
  • The set-up lines ensure correct postural angles and alignments, ball position & shaft lean.
  • Sturdy aluminium construction.
  • Designed to fit into a standard size golf bag.
  • Putting: The Start Line Gate allows you to work on controlling the ball’s starting direction by placing the tees provided into 1 of 3 positions respectively, giving an approximate start line accuracy of 1.0, 0.75 or 0.5 degrees (as you progress).

What's In the Box
  • MirrorPlate
  • 2 x Stub-Tees
  • Soft-Sleeve
  • What are the miss tolerances of the start line tees?

    As with PuttPlate, ArcMat’s start line gate positions offer a 3.7mm, 2.7mm or 1.7mm clearance (either side of the ball), giving an approximate start line accuracy of 1.0, 0.75 or 0.5 degrees.

  • Will MirrorBoard fit into my golf bag?

    Yes. Being a player's mirror, MirrorPlate, is 420x200mm & has been designed to fit into a standard size golf bag

    Will I be able to use my own tee pegs if I lose the ones supplied?

    Yes! MirrorBoard has been designed to be used outdoors with standard tee pegs when used outdoors on a putting green. And if you misplace the Stub-Tees that we also supply then you can purchase replacements from this website.

Assisted Learning Online Video Series
Ensure that you use your new MirrorPlate training aid in the most effective way possible.

Click Here

1. Can I used my Driver with FatPlate Lite?

No! FatPlate Lite has been designed for use with irons only as it encourages a downward, descending strike as opposed to an ascending strike that’s required when hitting your Driver.

2. Will FatPlate Lite help me to take a divot?

Yes! Whether it’s a shallow brush of the grass or an actual divot, using FatPlate Lite together with our Assisted Learning training guide & practice record and accompanying video series will bring your strike-point closer to the ball, giving you a pure, ‘ball then turf’ strike.

3. Do the StrikeStrips have to be replaced?

Yes. StrikeStrips, however, are easy-peel so can be easily removed from the FatPlate when they become fully marked. Additional StrikeStrips™ are available from our website – www.fatplate.golf – in rolls of 250 or packs or 100 but as your ‘ball then turf’ skill level increases, you should mark the StrikeStrips less frequently

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