Featured Player: Adem Wahbi

Featured Player


Name: Adem Wahbi | Place of Birth: Brussels, Belgium | Date of Birth: 14/01/1999 | Instagram: @Adem_wahbi

EDGA golfer Adem Wahbi was born with spastic diplegia which is a form of cerebral palsy (CP).

“When I’m on the course, I don’t feel disabled, I simply see in front of me and don’t look back”.

Adem is from a family of tennis enthusiasts, but running around the court with a leg condition was not so easy for him. Luckily he saw golf for the first time while on holiday in Morocco. The ball was still he thought, he could prepare himself to play a shot, he could even use his sticks if necessary. What he didn’t realise on his first exposure to the game, was just how it would hook him into a sport which has now become central to the way he lives.

Credit. EDGA www.edgagolf.com

What are your thoughts on your season this year & what are your targets for next year?

My start was not that good. I feel my game’s better than last year but the scores are not that good - after a 1 month break I’m aiming for some good results at the challenge Tour in Belgium.

My target is to get the world number 1 spot in disabled golf and to pass a cut in the the Challenge Tour.

What’s in the bag this year?

I’m fortunate enough to be supported by Srixon for my clubs. My putter is PING.
Irons: Z585
Hybrids: Z H85 16° 18° 22°
Driver: Z785

What ball do you use and why?

The ball is a z-star. It is for my the best ball in the game, the short game is amazing with the z-star.

What is your career highlight?

2016 where I won 4 consecutive tournaments was a special time.

Australia was amazing! I played alongside Paul Casey, Louis Oosthuizen, Adam Scott and many others at the Aussie Open. The Royal Melbourne was just amazing. I finished 5th with 2 bad days.

I then played the disabled Presidents Cup alongside the GOAT Tiger Woods, we won so it was one of the most important moments in my young golf career.

What is your favourite course?

Beaverbrook near London

Who is in your dream fourball?

TIGER, Michael Jordan and Rafael Nadal

If you could give our followers one simple golfing tip, what would it be?

Just grip it and rip it! haha

What is your favourite football (soccer) team?

Liverpool #YNWA

What Dave says about PuttPlate

“PuttPlate has helped me a lot with consistency!
My putting was good but I never had the same contact with the ball twice and with PuttPlate I found this consistency. Now under 2 meters I barely miss because I am confident with the impact.”

For sponsorship opportunities with Adem contact: ademdaif@hotmail.com



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