Featured Course: ChampionsGate CC

Featured Course: ChampionsGate CC

ChampionsGate CC

Holes 18 | Par 72 | Length 7058* yards

This month we're giving you our view of the beautiful ChampionsGate Country Club, located just a few miles from Kissimmee in Central Florida.

Read the review and leave a comment for a chance to WIN a CCCG Cap.

The Course

Using the beautiful elevation changes and contours of the natural landscape, George Clifton has created Central Florida's newest golf gem. With expansive white sand bunkers and mature true greens, the golfing experience is truly one of a kind.
Laid out through Lennar's master planned ChampionsGate community, club features a tee system that can accommodate golfers of all levels. The professional tees measure an impressive 7,058 yards and boast a rating of 74.4 and a slope of 134.

Very efficient staff will soon have you in your buggies and away to the first tee to meet the starter who will give you all the help you need to select the most suitable tee markers.

The first is an ideal opener with all the trouble on show, avoid the traps and rough and the green will be in reach. The greens are a delight and very well maintained, as well as being receptive to well struck shots.
The four par three holes need full attention and can play three or four clubs different in length from the same tees as the greens are so long! Get the club wrong and the putter needs to be on its best behaviour.

The par fives give nothing away, if you make a birdie you will have deserved it. There is plenty of variety of shots required on a layout of differing holes from start to finish.

The 15th is a risk and reward hole, a beautifully designed par 4 with a very narrow entrance and water cut into the front left part of the green, take the driver if you dare!
Make the most of the great practice facilities before you go out and enjoy the bar after your round. It will be a wonderful experience.

Key To Success

The key to success at ChampionsGate CC is to select the best (colour coded) tee markers to suit your game & don't be too adventurous! The Pro tees are for the very best players with the next set (the Back tees) still being a test for all but a few!

5 colour coded tee box yardages are available:
Pro 7058* yards
Back 6404 yards
Blended 6031 yards
Member 5744 yards
Forward 4923 yards

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8950 Clifton Draw Dr. ChampionsGate, FL 33896.
Google Maps: https://bit.ly/38h5NsI

Twitter/Facebook Profile: @championsgate_cc
WWW: https://championsgatecountryclub.com

Pro Shop booking email addresses:
Christopher Russell - Crussell@theiconteam.com

Anthony Pragano - Apragano@theiconteam.com

FatPlate Reviewer

Alan Brock


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