Ask Ben - Tips, Tricks & Training

Ask Ben - Tips, Tricks & Training

From PGA Coach Ben Frost

This month Ben Frost, Tour Coach and Director of Instruction & Product Development at FatPlate Golf brings you a selection of tips that will help improve your game.

Fix those mid-round shanks

In this video Ben gives you a simple fix that that will stop on-course shanks ruining your scorecard.

Short putt green-reading

If you’re ever unsure how to read the break on a short putt then try Ben’s handy green-reading tip.

PuttPlate will ensure that you start the ball online once you've read the line correctly:

Playing off wet & muddy fairways

Here Ben shows you how to strike the ball well off wet and muddy Winter fairways.

Winter bunkers

If you struggle to play off hard lies in Winter bunkers then give this tip from Ben a try.

You can have measured practice of this shot using FatPlate Sand


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